Name FedEx Tracking [vQMod]-v1.0

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Name FedEx Tracking [vQMod]-v1.0

Name	FedEx Tracking [vQMod]-v1.0
Название дополнения Name FedEx Tracking [vQMod]-v1.0 Рейтинг
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модуль для отслеживания посылок по номеру трекинга


[vQmod] - FedEx Tracking v1.0 for OpenCart by Ion_Cannon

This vQmod is another fork of the Dutch TNT-Track and Trace by Gerrit located here:

Most of the code is his and he deserves all the credit for it. It is totally free to the community and you are welcome to edit it to fit your needs.

This is a vQMod only and must be used with the vQMod system.

The FedEx tracking vQmod will allow you to add FedEx tracking numbers to your order histories.

It displays in the Admin order history for each order and also in the customer order history when they are notified.

Changes from the original Module:

- The last tracking number entered is displayed in the first Order Details tab.

- FedEx tracking is primary, module assumes you are shipping from the U.S. with FedEx.

- USPS tracking is secondary for any shipments not in the U.S.

- Logo's change depending on shipping location, if Shipping address is U.S. the logo will be FedEx, if shipping address is another country the USPS logo will display. ** You can change this to fit your needs obviously.

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